Living outside and being exposed to all the risks on the street. Some Homeless people tend to want to be alone most of the time to prevent any of the dangers that can be increased if they connect with people. These risks from other people are intensified when experiencing homelessness; police are enemies; strangers are enemies. People who have experienced homelessness can't change their thoughts or feelings instantly; they need time to adapt to their new life by providing spaces that help the residents in their emotional transition. 
The Shelter provides privacy and protection for the individual and gives the residents multiple choices to have freedom and safety inside each space by providing visual and circulatory freedom. Visibility is maximized by the absence of blind spots. The public program has group therapy offices to reconnect with their community.
The building façade expresses a defensive posture through triangulation, while the interior uses multiple openings through all the levels to maximize visibility.  Each individual unit maximizes privacy with a private balcony that is not visible from any other room.

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